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We've had our little bear, Rory home with us for almost 3 weeks now. I couldn't be happier as a new mom to our precious boy. Every day I'm learning more while I teach him, and take care of him. 

My husband, Chase, and I go to Walmart at least once a week for groceries or picking things up for our home. Since having Rory, its been so easy to swing over to Walmart and pick things up that he needs. However, since I am home most days, online shopping on has been my go to when getting ready for his arrival.  

Walmart's website makes it easy to shop for everything you'll need. They have a great selection of premium brands plus other brands you can only get with Walmart, such as Parent's Choice which is celebrating their 20th anniversary. My mom actually gifted me these wipes  for Rory and I instantly recognized the brand from all my years of shopping at Walmart. 

I'm really happy I get to share some of my favorites picks you can purchase in store or online. These are products we have used nonstop and love since having Rory. 

Even before you leave the hospital you'll figure out a newborn's life is based around 3 things you have to constantly do for them. You need to Feed them, Clean them and put them to Sleep. All the products I will mention help me do just that...

Making sure Rory is fed is my biggest concern at all times. He sleeps a lot, which is both a blessing and a curse. Although he does give us cues and signs of hunger we have to be on top of it. I started pumping at the hospital and realized I had a pretty good supply. Once I got home I needed to start pumping immediately. Not only because we wanted to start storing milk for the future, but I was also producing so much, I needed a form of release. I've been using The Spectra Pump and I love it. It's really easy to use. I'm able to pump from both sides at once and I appreciate the night light feature since I do pump in the middle of the night. 

To store my milk I've been using the Kiinde Twist pouches and I'm loving how easy and simple it is to use. I really like all the tools you can use with the pouches. For example you could store it away or you could put a nibble and cover and use it right away after pumping as a bottle. Really functional and easy to use. 

I've also been trying the Haakaa. This product was recommended to me by so many mommas. It's a manual breast-pump, but completely hands free. You suction the opposite breast while you are breastfeeding so excess is stored. This comes in handy when I'm leaking.
We have tried so many bottles, but at the moment the Dr. Browns baby bottles are my favorite because of the slow flow feature. The nipple on the bottle is also small enough for Rory and doesn't overwhelm him. 

This Boon Grass drying mat has been so handy. We are constantly washing bottles and this has helped us keep our kitchen tidy and the bottles and other tools clean and safe for Rory. We also use this brush to make sure everything is cleaned properly. 

The Boppy pillow has also been an excellent tool. Not only while I breastfeed but when Chase bottle feeds Rory as well. Once he gets a little bigger he can use it to help him sit. It also works great during tummy time. 


We have this summer infant changing pad on his dresser and we love it because it's long and secure, but lightweight enough to move around the house. The first few days of Rory being home we spent in our living room as a family, so we kept the changing pad out there with us. It is also water proof so I'm never worried that it will be damaged. 
Okay we have tried so many brands of diapers already and have found the Honest Company diapers to be among the best. First, they are so darling. I think it is such a neat idea to have different prints on the diapers. Makes changing them a little easier ;) 
I appreciate the Honest Company's efforts in making Eco-friendly and clean products that are also functional and excellent quality. 

We have also tried a bunch of wipes and the brand we love at the moment is the Water Wipes. Rory had a little bit of a rash the other day and we needed to use something that wouldn't irritate him even more. The Water Wipes have really come in handy. 

Speaking of Rash, we have been using Butt Paste and it seems it be working great. 

We also have this portable changing station by Skip Hop. We have used it so much when we are outside the house. It is water proof plus it has compartments for anything else you'll need while changing. It's also so cute and comes in different prints. 

Rory loves bath time. We use this adorable Blooming Baby Bath Lotus and bath time has been a dream. It is so soft and I feel he is comfortable and secure while we wash him. I also can't say enough about Burt's Bees shampoo and wash. It smells so lovely and it puts me at ease to know the product doesn't have any harmful ingredients that could effect Rory's skin.


When we were picking out Rory's crib we wanted to make sure it could grow with him and transition into a toddler bed. We added this mattress to the crib with this mattress protector and sheets
In his room we also have the Hatch baby rest night light and sound machine. It is low profile, and simple to use. You just download the app to your phone and can control all the functions from there even when you aren't in the room.  Rory loves the sound of rain and lullabies. 
Our bedroom in our house is upstairs while Rory's is downstairs. We knew we wanted him sleeping in our bedroom for some time before he could sleep long stretches during the night on his own. We needed a great pack and play with a bassinet feature. Not to mention a pack and play is an essential item when traveling or for trips to our family's homes. Graco makes great quality products and we have really enjoyed this pack and play.

Thank you for reading!

*This article is sponsored by Walmart

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