Things have been incredibly busy preparing for our baby boy. We moved a little over 3 weeks ago and finding time to dedicate for baby shower planning was so difficult. I kept going back and forth if I even wanted to have a baby shower but ultimately I decided I wanted to celebrate our baby boy. I also wanted to acknowledge a new chapter in my life with other women I love and admire. 

For my baby shower I basically copied my beautiful invitations that I found on Minted. I went with a lemon and eucalyptus theme and kept the color scheme simple with hues of grays, white, green and a pop of yellow from the lemon. 

I have to say thank you to everyone who showed up and showered the baby boy with love. I'm really so grateful. It still baffles me when people take time out of their day and life to celebrate with me. I didn't get a chance to take a ton of photos because I just wanted to chat with my guest and before I knew it the party was over. But I'm so happy I managed to get a few so I can remember this special time. 
I had so many questions about this ballon arch from my guest at the shower. Chase and my mother-in-law blew them up and arranged them exactly how I had envisioned it. Although I wasn't the one doing the "heavy" lifting it didn't take much time and was easy in my opinion. I bought all the supplies off amazon. If you are wanting to try it out I recommend purchasing a ballon garland kit because it brings all the supples you'll need. I also suggest getting an electric ballon pump. It makes it so much easier and faster for the preparation portion. Balloons are inexpensive and can become such a show stopper at any event. 

I originally intended to have the shower to be outside but it had been raining in South Florida for 3 weeks straight and I had to come to terms that it was probably going to rain that day as well. When the day finally came, it was sunny and beautiful. It did rain in the early afternoon for less than an hour but I was so happy everyone was able to make it safe and without weather issues. 

As our 'Thank you' gifts I gave out baby succulents. I attended a baby shower a few months back and that was their party favor and I just loved the idea of giving out something more meaningful and lasting. I ordered the succulents from THIS Etsy shop. I totally recommend them, they arrived right on time and were such a lovely assortment. I repotted them with terra-cotta pots I purchased off amazon and I added a thank you tag I also bought off amazon. I won't lie, it was time consuming since I did this part on my own but I think it was worth it and they turned out so beautiful. I hope my guest get to enjoy them. 
My Mother-In-Law made this beautiful round quilt for baby boy. 
Although I enjoy playing games at others shower, I opted out of any baby shower games because that isn't really me. I wanted everyone to just enjoy the food and each other's company. To pass the time I had advice cards on the tables so my guest can share their knowledge with me. I also had a little station to paint blocks which I'll be displaying in our little boys nursery. 

A special thanks so my dear husband, who helped me so much and kept me sane. So grateful everyday I get to be a parent with you.
My brother, mom and amazing husband made all the food and desserts. Everything turned out delicious and my mom made the cake exactly how I wanted it plus it tasted divine. I have leftovers at my house and I cannot stop eating it. 

Invitations: Minted 
Personalized Stamps: Minted
Succulents: Etsy 
Terra-Cotta Pots: Amazon
Thank You Tags: Amazon
Ballon Garland: Amazon 
Advice Cards: Etsy 
Wooden Blocks: Amazon

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