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I meant to get this blog post up sooner but as many of you may know my pregnancy has taken me for a wild ride. I'm nearing the end of my 2nd trimester and it all seems like a haze. I wanted to write down how I've felt since finding out I was pregnant because I don't want to forget any of this. Not even the hard parts. I know we will want to keep having kids but this was the first time I was pregnant, my life will never be the same again. I've never felt that way before, not even when I was getting married. But now, knowing that in 3 short months our little baby boy is going to join Chase and I, fills with so much joy.


Chase and I had been trying to grow our family for some time. If I'm honest, I was really bummed we were ending 2018 with no baby in sight. Right after Christmas, Chase and I left on a little holiday trip to New Orleans. We came back on NewYears Eve to spend that evening with my family. With the holidays, and traveling, I just wanted to get back into my routine and start the year off right but something was off. I thought I was just getting my period because I had some spotting and other symptoms. My period never came and I just knew in my heart I was pregnant but I decided to hold off in taking a test or telling Chase because I've had false alarms in the past. But as I held off taking the test, I started becoming sicker and sicker. At first I was just so nauseous all day, I couldn't even look at a screen. Once I knew I for sure had missed my period I bought a pregnancy test and took it by myself. It was January 23rd when I found out and I was in such disbelief it was finally happening. I took a little video of myself right before and after I took the test. I am bawling the entire time, I've never even shown Chase. 


As soon as I saw the stick was positive I just wanted to tell Chase but I restrained myself. I always knew I wanted to tell him he was going to be a dad in a special way. As I mentioned I was feeling awful for about a week before so the element of complete surprise wasn't an option. The next day, I ended up writing on a letter board "Bun in the Oven" and placed the letter board along with the pregnancy test inside our oven. We were in the kitchen just chatting about our day when I asked him to get me something from the oven. It was such a darling moment and I'm really happy I have it on video. Chase is going to be the best dad. 

Such a sweet and special moment telling Chase he was going be a dad. I'm so happy I have it on video. 


At around 8 weeks we went to the OBGYN for our first baby check up. Chase and I both decided not to tell anyone until we knew everything was great with the baby. We know so much can happen during the first trimester we didn't want to get ahead of ourselves. When we saw and heard his little heart beat for the first time, it instantly became real. We were going to finally become parents!


We told both of our families at 9 weeks by surprising them with a little gift they could open. I have videos of both our parents reactions which were so sweet. We facetimed the rest of our families who don't live near us. My 2 other sister-in-laws from Chase's side are pregnant at the same time. So glad baby boy will have cousins his own age to play with. 


I don't even know how to explain myself when it came to my symptoms. First of all, I was nauseous, all day everyday. From the moment my eyes opened to the moment my eyes shut. I had never really experienced nausea before this, I had never been car sick or sea sick. This was all new to me. When other women would tell me they were nauseous I didn't exactly know what they meant by that. In movies and T.V. you see women throw up once and feel better right after and I'm sure for some women thats the case but not for me. I've learned that every women experiences this differently and about 70% of women will have nausea as a symptom during their pregnancy. In my instance, all my body wanted to do was throw up. The thought of eating food started to feel like a chore because I knew it would make me sick. I constantly felt weak both mentally and physically. This is by far the hardest part of the pregnancy during the first trimester. 

As days went on I started to realize I always had an awful taste in my mouth. It didn't matter how much I brushed my teeth, oil pulled or swished mouth wash around. After googling and asking my OBGYN. I found out more about a symptom called, Dysgeusia. I had NEVER heard of this before! It basically caused a metallic taste in my mouth at all times. However, gum and gargling salt water really helped out. Other symptoms I've experience would be swollen and tender breast. 

I look at this photo and want to laugh because it was just a picture I sent Chase one day. It became my normal to spend ALL day in the bathroom in this position. No joke, some days when Chase left for work I was right here and when he came back I was in the same spot. I just had to deal with it because nothing helped. I don't really have many photos from those months and this is why. 


Absolutely NO cravings. It was so hard to keep down food. 


I didn't gain weight my first trimester although my body did start changing shape. I could see my body getting wider, making room for the baby. The biggest change has been my breast. I've always had larger boobs but I'm in a whole another level at the moment. I've always been honest that having big boobs has been such a struggle for me. No surprise that this would be my least favorite feature during pregnancy. 


We didn't plan on waiting this long to announce our pregnancy but due to unpredictable and uncontrollable situations my life has had to slow down. Aside from the horrible morning sickness, some of you may have seen I was in the hospital. I've been wanting to explain in detail what happened to me but just waiting for the right time.

It was a Monday and I was around 12 weeks pregnant, at home taking it easy because my morning sickness had been so bad. I started feeling a discomfort on my right abdomen that felt like cramps. It wasn't painful nor did it stop me from moving about but I did feel it. I heard from other women that around this time I may start to feel growing pains. I looked up symptoms online and just ticked it off to right ligament pains, which made me really excited because I thought it just meant my body was growing for the baby. I hadn't been showing at all at this point however, I knew something was off. When Chase came home and I realized the cramp like symptom had been around all day. I called my mom (because I call my mom for everything) I told her what I was feeling, hoping she would tell me it was normal. She quickly advised me to call my OB because she didn't remember feeling that way with any of her pregnancies. It was already late in the day and her office was closed. I didn't think it was necessary to call the emergency number. The next morning, as I laid in bed the cramp like symptom was still there. Chase was off to work like normal and my mom called me to check up on me. She again advised me to call the OB but it was so early in the morning the office hadn't opened.

I called just to tell my mom I did and put it as ease. Although I knew something could be wrong I just kept telling myself it was growing pains. I got a hold of a nurse and after describing my symptom, she didn't skip a beat and told me to go to the emergency room immediately. As we hung up, I was oddly calm. I called her right back and asked "am I having a miscarriage?"... All she told me in response was to go to the ER. I called my mom to give her the update, her and my dad picked me up to take me to the ER. As I was getting ready for the unexpected, I felt so much fear. I don't think I have ever in my life prayed as hard as I did in that moment. I couldn't believe after everything I might be losing my baby. While I waited for my parents, I told Chase to give me a call when he could so I could update him. He was leaving to the Bahamas on a business trip the next morning and I knew he was busy with preparations.  I remember telling him that I was calm and although I was hoping for the best. I was preparing myself for the absolute worst outcome.. a possible miscarriage. 

As soon as I walked into the ER, I was taken care of by great nurses. I was tested for several things but was put on an IV immediately because I was severally dehydrated since I was throwing up so much. All I wanted to know was about the baby. The moment I heard the heartbeat over the ultrasound, my heart felt so full and I bursted out in tears. You honestly don't know how badly you want something until it can be taken away from you. After I received that wonderful news, the doctors still had to figure out what was wrong. At this point I knew 100% it was my appendix.

Chase made it to the hospital just in time. Since I was pregnant there was nothing else that particular hospital could do for me since I needed to get an MRI to check and make sure it was my appendix causing the problem (we went to 4 different hospitals that day).

It was a long and emotionally exhausting day. After getting my MRI I was told I had to get surgery right away but since I was pregnant I had to be moved to hospital with an OBGYN.

I finally settled into the hospital where I would have my surgery and although I didn't want to see Chase go, it was late and he still had a business trip planned for the morning. So around 3:00am I told him to go and that I would update him every step of the way.

I didn't get much sleep that night. I wasn't worried about the surgery, I knew in my heart everything would be okay. However, I was warned that because I was so early on in my pregnancy the chances of the baby dying because of the anesthesia were greater. I felt so guilty even though there was absolutely nothing in my control at the moment. I made sure to talk to my surgeon right before and he explained that I didn't have much of an option. I either get the surgery or both me and my baby could die when the appendix erupts. I called Chase to hear the comfort of his voice. I prayed. Then I was off to surgery.

I woke up in a daze fully recalling I just had surgery. The first thing I did was ask how my baby was doing. I made them check his little heart beat, I wouldn't stop asking. Once I knew he was okay, I had the nurse call Chase who was sitting on plane on his way the Bahamas. I felt so bad for his situation. I knew he didn't want to leave my side but he needed to travel for work. I made sure the nurse told him the baby and I were fine. After I made sure both my boys were okay, I could breathe calmly. 

When I got to my room my dad and mother-in-law were there to greet me. Chase wanted to make sure I had family around which I really appreciated seeing their faces. We feel so blessed to live close to family. 

This was the 1st ER room I was in. Chase had just gotten there and the doctor told us the results. I swear Chase can make any situation better. I was just told I had to get surgery while pregnant but seeing him made me so happy and at ease. (Don't mind my face or hair, it was a wild morning) 


Having my Appendix removed wasn't such a hard recovery. I felt sore in my abdomen. A similar feeling after an intense ab workout. I got to go home the evening after my surgery. I'm sure if you aren't pregnant the recovery might be even smoother. I was still nauseous, so throwing up was even more painful. Thankfully I had my mom and dad by my side every step of the way until Chase got back. I literally don't know what I would do without them. 

Chase came back home that Saturday and brought flowers, sea sick bands and treats to make me feel better. He is just the best. 

I took a full shower that evening and by 1:00am my body had a late reaction from surgery. Out of no where, my abdomen was covered in red blisters and I was itching uncontrollably. Chase called both my OB and Surgeon and they both told me it could be an allergic reaction from the surgery since the pattern of the blisters followed that of the antiseptic. 

I felt, defeated. We were constantly met with challenges and nothing seemed to be getting better. I kept worrying about my baby because of the stress my body was going through. No matter how calm I was trying to be, I knew my body was going through it. 

I have to say that having this allergic reaction was sincerely the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Maybe because it was pilled on top of everything else but it was terrible. I could barely move, I wanted to burn my skin off, the itching was so bad and every day the blisters kept multiplying. The only thing that remotely eased the pain was a cold compress so in the middle of the night once the ice melted, the pain intensified. Poor Chase would wake up from the sounds of my distress to take care of me. 

I had to see my OB so she could check me and the baby out and find a solution for our problem. Once she prescribed me the right topical medication, I started healing. It took some time but the itching went away and in time so did the blisters. 

My mom toke this photo of me after surgery. I felt so grateful the baby was doing well. 


It has been one crazy ride since the start of the year. Some days I feel like I can't catch a break but in all I feel so blessed. Our baby boy is so strong. Through everything he has just kept growing and has been completely healthy. I love him so much and I just can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like. 

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