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It feels so good to finally share our exciting news.. We're having a baby boy come into our lives this September! Some days it doesn't seem real. 

We found out mid-January we were expecting and it couldn't have been better. I remember ending 2018 frustrated because our dream of starting our family hadn't come true yet. We had been trying for some time to conceive and when I finally saw the positive result with a home pregnancy test I couldn't stop crying. I was filled with so much emotion realizing that my life would never look the same. I took the test on my own because I didn't want to get Chase's hopes up with another false alarm. However, this time around things felt different. I had been so nauseous and lacked so much energy a week before, which isn't like me. I decided to take the test to put my mind at ease. 

I was so excited to tell Chase and wanted to make sure it was memorable for him as it was for me. He suspected something was going on because of the way I had been feeling, so I'm sure it wasn't a complete surprise. I hid the pregnancy test in the oven along with a sign "bun in the oven". I'm so happy I got his reaction on video so we can have the memory forever. 

Chase instantly sprung into dad mood looking up the best hospitals and OBGYN. I was about 5 weeks pregnant when I found out so we had to wait a few weeks to actually hear and see the babe. I can't describe how good it felt to actually hear his little heart beat for the very first time.It definitely put my mind and heart at ease to know the baby was growing and safe. 

We decided to tell our family after our first doctor visit just to make sure everything checked out well. It was so hard keeping it from my parents since we see them all the time and they know me so well. We had gone to dinner for my dad's birthday and he even asked if I was pregnant. I tried to play it off because it was too early to tell... Our families are so happy and we are so glad we live so close to both our parents. It has always been my dream to have my children near their grandparents because I didn't have that. I know so many people including Chase who had the experience of their grandparents near them while they grew up and it seems like such a special bond. 

The last 5 months have been a complete whirlwind. So much has happened yet time is going by so quickly and before we know it our little man will be here with us. I am trying to enjoy this time because I know I will never have this again. Now that I am feeling better I am also trying to make the most of my time with Chase. It's been just us for the last 5 years so I'm sure things will be so different. We are trying to plan our baby moon before the little guy arrives in September. Just one last trip, just the two of us.

I have to gloat about my sweet husband. Chase has been my pillar of light and my rock through everything. It has been a rough few months with my health. Since the beginning my nausea debilitated me from accomplishing the simplest of task. (I will go into detail on an upcoming blog post). Then other health problems surfaced. He has taken such wonderful care of both me and the baby. Cooking, cleaning all the while providing spiritual and financial stability into our home. I have fallen more in love with him in the last 5 months and I didn't think that was possible. I know he is going to be the best father in the world and because he is by my side I have no fear in raising this baby. I know not everyone has a great support system. I know that having him and my parents who have also been there every step of the way is a complete blessing. I'm just really grateful.   

A special thanks to Blush Bouquet Photography for providing such beautiful photos we will cherish forever. You can check out more of Olga's work on her INSTAGRAM page. 

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