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I can't believe I'm 6 months along my first pregnancy. So much has happened since January that most of my pregnancy has been a haze. Between my surgery and being so sick in my first trimester I didn't gain any weight or let myself really enjoy this special time in my life. I kept telling Chase and my mom how much I wanted my belly to pop and it finally did around 20 weeks. There is something so beautiful to me about my growing belly. It makes me feel like our baby is safe and growing. However, I have to honest that finding things to wear is incredibly difficult.
I normally wear loose fitting, flowy tops and dresses. I'm not one to wear tight fitting clothes. So I always thought when I was to be pregnant I would have plenty of options in my wardrobe. Because who wants to spend their money on maternity clothes when you know it doesn't have a long life span. However, I quickly realized I had a HUGE problem. Although all my dresses fit my bump, my chest seemed to be my large problem and insecurity. 
My chest has ALWAYS been a problem for me since a young age. I knew that there would be a possibility they would grow from my milk supply but I didn't expect them to grow right away.
It's been tricky finding ways to style my new and growing body.  I've figured out that tops and dresses with an empire waist (like the one I am wearing) work best with a larger chest. An empire waist, has a fitted bodice ending below the bust line, allowing the rest of the fabric to hang loosely. This style works well to disguise a larger mid section. I'm sure this style will be my uniform for the rest of my pregnancy. 
I'm excited to see how much my body will keep on changing as the months go on. I have so much respect for women and our bodies and all the marvelous things we can do. I'm so grateful to be healthy and growing. 

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