Happy Autumn! The best time for fashion is here! 
During Fall and Winter fashion- staples don't change. You'll always need a great warm and chunky sweater, something leather and the perfect coat. Its fun to add a few touches to elevate the look for a more modern representation of style today. I added 6 of the biggest tends for the seasons. Along you'll find some example of how to incorporate the trend. 


"Leopard is a neutral" I've lived this motto for years! Ever since I read Jenna Lyons say it. I wear animal print all year long but I'm so trilled animal print is having its moment. Aside from Leopard and cheetah, you'll see a lot of snake print in the fall. The print can be intimidating to wear, so I recommend starting with an accessory. Such as a belt, handbag, or even shoes. A great simple and on trend look you can try is pairing your favorite chunky-neutral sweater, jeans, slacks or leathers pants with a pointed leopard heels. 


Corduroy during Fall is as original as flowers during Spring but corduroy has gotten a face lift. Corduroy isn't just for your grandpa to wear with his flannel shirt and puffer vest. You'll find the textured fabric now comes in loads of color ways and styles. Jackets, blazers, skirts, boot cut pants, shirts and even hats and bags. Corduroy is a great way to give your outfit more texture in a classic way. Try this fabric in a bold color with a layered look.


Fall meets Western- a big trend that has been happening the past few seasons are cowboy boots! Boots are always on trend for Fall but this year the cowboy style is in. I don't own any myself but one of my roommates while in college was from Austin, Texas and she had a beautiful pair that she would lend me to wear from time to time. I loved wearing them! So, I'm looking to find the perfect pair for the season. My advice, don't wear the boots with plaid. Instead pair it with unexpected silhouettes and feminine fabrics. Once I find a pair I love, i'll be wearing them with dresses and skirts. Keep in mind, cowboy boots always seem to make a comeback if you're unsure about investing in this style. 


Women's suiting is having a moment, well a year. Since last Fall, matched suiting has been so popular. I am so about this! I think it is such a brilliant way to look chic and sophisticated without wearing a dress or a skirt. I am definitely going to try full suit but if you want to jump in slowly, I would wear the blazer and a plain tee with jeans for a more laid back look. You could always wear the slacks with a sweater or different jacket for some edge. Remember to wear your suit with a plain tee, or band tee finished with mules or sneakers for a cool girl vibe. 


Again, plaid isn't new to Fall, its expected and necessary. However, I am seeing the print come alive with maxi skirts, coats, blazers and dresses. Plaid shirts are always a must for me but this year I'm planning on wearing it in new ways. 


I didn't see this one coming, but the 80s have been knocking and they brought neon back. Now, before you get ahead of yourself don't go to wild. This neon trend is more sophisticated than its ever been before. We've learned from our fashion mistakes. Try the bold colors as a statement piece. For example, pair a neon green turtleneck sweater under a blazer and matching pants. Or try a hot pink sweater with muted colors. 

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