Last weekend was Chase's 28th birthday and I knew I wanted to take him away to celebrate in a special way. My biggest problem was deciding where we would go. We couldn't go too far because he had to be at work Monday morning but I still wanted him to enjoy a relaxing weekend for his birthday. I decided to book a hotel and make it a staycation in Miami Beach. We're lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place which makes it easy to enjoy paradise. I just needed to find the right hotel that could check off all my boxes to make his birthday special.

After going through all the lovely hotel on Miami Beach,I knew The Palms Hotel & SPA was perfect for our short romantic getaway. The hotel is right on the beach and that was so important to me. It is also in such a great location nearby everything you could possibly want to explore. You have Lincoln Road Mall, South Beach, parks, shopping, movie theater, and so many restaurants. 

We checked into The Palms Hotel & SPA in the evening and had such a lovely welcome. The view from our room was greater than I could imagine. We had the perfect view of the ocean and the back of the property which is filled with palm trees. We felt like we escaped the city and landed in paradise, we didn't want to leave because the view was so fantastic. 

We freshened up for dinner where we took a trolley to Lincoln Road and walked to our destination. I made reservations to a popular Southern restaurant called YardBird. I heard good things and read great reviews so I thought we should try it out. We were seated instantly, I would suggest you make a reservation before going especially on Fridays and weekends. When we arrived the restaurant was completely full and customers were still coming in. We were greeted by our waiter who was nothing short of excellent. He had great energy and was so helpful with anything we needed. He let us know the food on the menu is meant to be shared, family style. He suggested we do an appetizer, one main course and 1-2 sides. We took his advice and ordered the fried green tomatoes(Loved this dish, I would go back for this). Their famous Chicken, waffles and watermelon and a side of mac and cheese. The chicken and waffles were good but I don't think it was anything over this moon and same goes for their mac and cheese. So although the service and some of the dishes were beyond average I think it is a little over hyped. The prices were mid range as well.

This is the fried green tomatoes and they were excellent!

Contrary to popular belief it isn't always sunny in Florida especially when Summer comes around, otherwise known as hurricane season. I was afraid it was going to rain all weekend long which is one of the reasons I wanted to book a really great hotel that was central to different activities and had plenty of things to do in the hotel.  The Palms is completely equipped with an Aveda Salon which you might know I am a huge fan of Aveda products. They even have Aveda products in your room, which I loved because nothing is worse than generic hotel products. For their SPA, they have the best services and even if you aren't staying at the hotel you can book with them anytime plus get the perks of using the pool and beach area for free the whole day. It makes for the perfect relaxing day. 

We had a beautiful morning waking up to the sight of the ocean. We wanted to get down to the beach as fast as possible because it was calling our names since the moment we got there. Along with your resort fees you are provided beach towels and can use the hotels beach chairs and umbrellas that already set up for you, displayed beautifully right in front of the ocean. We lounged around for a few hours and caught some sun. I could have been there all day. They have employees who can also attend to anything you'll need while by the pool and ocean. You can even order food from the hotel and have lunch or snacks brought out to you. So convenient for a day of relaxation.

I am always up for some Mexican food and I read amazing reviews about this small outdoor restaurant located close to where we were staying. We took the trolley and walked the rest of the way. I knew space was limited so while Chase ordered our food I went to find our a spot to sit. The lunch rush died down once our food came so we ate in peace. But I have to say, the food is pretty great which speaks to why it's always busy. The restaurant is open pretty late so I would advice you to go anytime before or after lunch. I ordered a Camaron taco which were excellent and a chicken taco but I didn't like it. I did love the elotes I shared with Chase, so yummy and a stand out. The menu is small but plenty to choose from and an affordable find compared to the rest of the restaurants you'll find at South Beach.

After lunch we walked around a little of ocean drive and made our way to Lincoln Road to watch a movie. On our way to the movies, we walked through beautiful and Historic Espanola Way  . The streets are so charming and lined with several different restaurants. For a second you feel like you're lost in Europe. 

After the movie and all that walking we bought some frozen yogurt on Lincoln Road and waited for the rain to die down. We made our way to the Holocaust Memorial which is very close to Lincoln Road. Chase had never been before and I always mention it to him when we pass by so he wanted to checked it out. The Memorial is free to enter and walk around so you can fit it to your schedule at whatever time of day. I've visited countless times in my life and it never gets easy to see the real images and to read the real stories of so many generations of people who suffered and died. It is graphic, so unless your children are informed about the Holocaust and the nature of it's effects on mankind, I don't think it is suitable for young children.  


We ended our day by walking on the beach behind our hotel and watched a beautiful wedding from afar while the sun was setting in the distance. 


We slept in and woke up to the sound of the rain over the ocean, it was the beautiful sight. The light fog and rain made it gloomy in such a perfect way. By the time we were up and ready for the day the sun was out and we saw people enjoying their time at the pool and beach. We walked on the boardwalk behind the hotel which goes all along Miami Beach. Chase and I loved walking behind the buildings with view of the ocean. 

My brother recommended we try Rosetta, an Italian bakery. As soon as we walked in we knew what we were ordering. You can't go wrong here because what you see is what you get. The bakery is beautiful and filled with delicious smells and foods. We sat next to the window looking into the kitchen where you can see all the breads and pastries being made. I am regretting not ordering a nutella filled croissant, which means I have to go back. 

We were so sad to check out of the hotel, I honestly wanted to stay more time but we had to get back to reality. Whether you're visiting Miami or needing a place to stay for a staycation like myself I couldn't recommend the Palms Hotel and Spa anymore. The staff is so attentive and kind and willing to help. I personally saw an employee always serving their guest, either taking care of their luggage or on the beach. Someone was always there to help. The property is to peaceful, although you're in the middle of a city once you enter you feel like you're in an oasis surrounded by nature. If I learned anything this weekend while staying at the Palms is how important it is to escape. To get some time to recharge your batteries and to feel happy not doing anything but enjoying an amazing view and sending time with people you care about. 

LOCAL TIP: I have to suggest not to rent a car unless you are planning day trips outside of Miami. We took an Uber to the hotel because I knew we won't need our car while staying at the hotel. Miami-Dade county has provided free trolley's all over Miami. There are several bus lines that ride throughout Miami Beach. I would recommend to look them up depending on where you wish to go and where you are staying. The trolleys were so convenient for us and we used them all weekend long. There were two trolley stops next to the hotel which are so convenient.Right next to the hotel you can find small restaurants, cafes, a Starbucks and a small supermarket.

This stand belongs to the hotel and it is so great they can help you with anything. Especially drinks and food orders. 
Saturday night we took a walk through the property. One of the best spots is the hotel's garden. It made me so happy to know they use fresh ingredients for their recipes in the hotel's restaurant.  
This is the back entrance to the hotel, it is right off the broad walk which is so easy and accessible. 
You can have a massage outside in one of the cabanas, so relaxing! 

The pool area is so fun and you can even use the property's pool floats. 
We had such an amazing experience and wished we could stay longer but even just a couple days away made all the difference. Taking that time to enjoy my city and sit back relax in such an amazing hotel made me realize how important it is to take that time for us. If you are looking for a hotel on Miami Beach I couldn't recommend The Palms Hotel & SPA anymore. The staff was excellent, the location is perfect and all around it is everything you want in a hotel.  

*A special thanks to The Palms Hotel & Spa for having us. 

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