In Late March, my family and I flew to Utah to celebrate my older brothers wedding. I'm not sure how long you have been following along on my blog but Chase and I met in Utah while we were going to college and then lived in Utah our first few years of marriage. Although I don't see myself living in Utah anytime in the future, it does hold a special place in my heart. Plus, you can't deny how gorgeous it is. It is hands down one of the prettiest States in America. 

 I write all of this to say, we were with my family and although they had visited Utah before, they never explored the mountain ranges and barely left the city. Chase and I decided Park City was the perfect place for a quick day trip so they could enjoy the snow and a classic all American town. If you aren't familiar with Park City, just know they are famous for their ski slopes. Each year the city also host the famous Sundance film festival, the largest independent film festival in the United States. Main street floods with celebrities and ongoing events for the week. Tickets to the movie screenings are hard to get but not impossible so check it out if you ever get the chance. 

We found great parking very quickly, which is usually a nightmare along side Main Street.

Main Street to me is the real attraction since I'm not a fan of Winter sports. This part of Park City is called Historic Park City. The buildings have been around since the 1800s which is why you feel like you just walked into a movie set. The first time I saw this street from a distance I couldn't believe that little towns like this exist.  We walked down main street, window shopping and then found a little coffee shop across from the ski lifts. I wish I remembered the name. It was packed full of people getting hot drinks because it was freezing outside. Keep in mind it was late March so it was unseasonably cold. We ordered some hot chocolates- everyone had a drink choice. Chase ordered a spicy hot chocolate, he told me those are common to drink in Mexico. Then we just sat and chatted for a little while before going back out.

I had such a fun day showing my parents and brother around Utah. It is trips like these that make for the best memories. 
Like I mentioned, it was freezing! I was so cold I had to layer up. This is the outfit I had on to keep me warm. You can shop the pieces by clicking the links below.

PONCHO: (OLD) Love this one HERE 
JEANS: TOPSHOP- They are the MOM jeans
HAT: Lack of Color
BOOTS: FOREVER 21 LESS THAN $30!!(Honestly the best, I was looking for white heeled boots for the longest time and these are awesome)

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