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Happy New Year,

2018 is here and I feel so motivated to reach my goals and accomplish more than ever before. Yesterday my husband and I sat down and wrote down our goals and plans for the next year. While we wrote down our attainable goals I realized how much I enjoy writing down the vision I have for myself and I wanted to share what helps me reach them. Life is constantly changing and while I change everyday my plans for myself always include progressing and growing into a person I am proud of. Putting goals down on paper makes me feel more accountable to complete the goals I set.
I know a lot of people aren't interested in setting goals because they may feel that goal setting isn't realistic but I can assure you that if you have the will the way will follow.  I will be giving you some tips and tricks on goal setting which help me every year to keep me the right track. 
Something I have always done is write down my goals in my agenda or diary. I do this three times a year to check my progress, add something new or remember what I wanted. It helps to keep myself on the right track and from start to end.

2. TELL SOMEONE Accountability is probably the best way to keep myself on track. If I tell someone my ideas, plans and goals it will be easier for me to keep them because I will want to show that I can do what I set my mind to. It will also help to tell someone your goal for encouragement. For example, If I know my friend is trying to loose weight I will try my hardest to help them by inviting them to workout, or try a healthy recipe. 

3. MAKE THE GOALS YOU SET ATTAINABLE NOT ASPIRATIONAL Everyone is going through a different journey and is one a different level so the things you may want to accomplish are different than mine. Just make sure the goals you have in mind are things that are in your control. For example you want a raise at work- to try and met this goal you may show off your best work, put in extra hours, and even talk to your boss about it. However, at the end of the day, you getting a raise isn't completely in your hands. Even if you do everything possible, your job might not have the funds for a raise. Different factors might be in play that don't fall on just yourself. Setting an aspirational goal can be a complete let down.
So, remember when you are thinking of your goals, think if its something that will just be determined by only you to reach.

4. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHORT TERM AND LONG TERMWe may have all heard of short term and long term goals and the difference between them. Most important difference and how attainable they are. For example, if your long term goal for the year if to run a marathon than a short term goal should be to practice while running a half marathon.

5. IT TAKES TIMEAnother reason people might let their goals fail is because they can't see any results. Everything takes time and time is hard to measure when it comes to personal growth. So they yourself grow and give it time. Even if it takes longer than a year, remember you are ahead of where you were.

6. HAVE A FRIEND Having a pal who has the same goal as you can be so helpful. Sometimes our goals are personal and I may not have something in common with my friend but if you do try and do it together. It really does work!

7. VISUALIZE YOURSELF ACHIEVING IT A goal that is usually on my list everywhere is traveling. I always pick a new destination I want to see and prepare myself to reach it. The way I personally visualize myself reaching this goal is through pictures and research. I look at all the amazing pictures online and in books and daydream of myself being there. Through pictures I crave my goal even more and can prepare even better.

8. LOOK BACK WHILE YOU RUN FORWARD It might not work for everyone or every goal but looking back throughout the time it takes you to accomplish your goal can really help you stay on track. For example, if you goal is to loose weight try and take as many pictures through your weight loss journey. We see ourselves everyday and although we may feel difference and others can see our change its great to see your before and afters. It will make your want to stay on the right track and not go back to how you were.

9. SET MILESTONES Start day by day, week by week, month by month. For example, if you have a goal of drinking more water try to cut off soda and other drinks for a week and see how that goes. You don't have to over extend yourself just try to make a small change and celebrate those moments. Before you know it those milestones will become part of a bigger change.

Goals are just a plan and in order to reach your goal you need a plan. Our life is filled with ups and downs and several changes and we need to plan ahead. For example, if you are training for a marathon or trying to loose weight but vacation time rolls around and you don't want to loose focus. Check before hand if your hotel has a gym or the place you are staying has a trail you can run. You can also bring healthy snacks and check healthier options in restaurants before getting there.

There you have it, TEN of my tips that help me stay on track to reach any goal I have. I want to stay thank you for your support in 2017. It means so much to me that people come over and read my words and see pictures that Chase takes. I only wish the best for you and I hope this year is filled with love, and happiness because of the end of year day, week, month and year those are the things I care about.

Happy New Year,


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