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Happy Friday

August has been a hectic month, and I just can't wrap my head around the fact that we're half way through. That means our time in Edinburgh is quickly coming to an end, which I'm devastated by. Edinburgh in August has completely changed because it's been taken over by the Fringe, which is so fun. If you aren't familiar with the Edinburgh Fringe festival it is the biggest arts festival in world. The Fringe takes place every year in the month of August and during this time there are hundreds of shows and events going on throughout the day. Shows ranging from comedy, dance, theater, poetry and many others. Through out the month I will be keeping you updated with shows that we will watch so if you're in Edinburgh maybe you can catch them while the shows are still going on. 
Jonny awsum (at the tonic just up the stairs) - Great storytelling that makes you feel good. Intimate venue with a singalong crowd that makes for a fun time. It was inspiring and family friendly. 

Sean Kelly (Ermintrude) - Good stage and seating. He told plenty of funny stories about the "diesel goat" and his crazy vacations. His time in Germany and in Britain also proved really funny. Good show for those that like to laugh and also those with a soft spot for military veterans. 

Bernie Keith (billiard room) - A comedy about getting old and being gay. Needless to say times have changed for this guy. Tons of references to the UK making it hard for others to follow along, but still had some good jokes.


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