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As someone whose job is based around clothes but doesn't always have time to actually go shopping in store, I am always on the lookout for the best online stores. After years of shopping online with great and bad experiences I rounded up what I believe to be the very best in online shopping. I broke it down into four categories luxury, all in one, affordable and second hand online stores. I added stores that can ONLY be found online. So although I love scanning through many other companies website, a lot have actual stores you can go into and I also didn't add stand alone brands like Missguided because they can be found on other websites that I will mention below.



The following websites are all very similar to one another. They all sell very luxury and designer brands. If you are in search of a particular item, its good to know all of these shops are out there. At times a bag or a pair of shoes can be on high demand it can make it impossible to get a hold of it. Its worth knowing where they can be found besides going into the store. Some of these online stores are different because of the brands they carry. For instance, Net-A-Porter is know carrying J.Crew collection items and that can't be found in the following shops. Its also good noting when their sales are happening so you can get a great deal.

My Theresa

Luisa Via Roma 

Far Fetch



Shopbob is one of my favorite online stores because they carry so many different brands. High end and in between. They also have a massive annual sale that is so good, you have to always catch it on time before all the good stuff is gone. 



ASOS is probably the store I shop at the most at the moment. I am on the website constantly, checking the new items that hit the site. The reason it is so great, besides the hundreds of brands the online store carries. ASOS also provides student discounts all year around plus free shipping and returns. Depending where you live you can also get next day delivery, which I always take full advantage of. If you are looking for dresses for any occasion I would also turn to ASOS since their collection is extensive. Don't know your size? No problem order a couple of things and return it right after, its that easy. 


Revolve is very similar to Shopbob but even better because they carry beauty products which is such a plus. They also carry a few different, more mid range brands which makes it more affordable. 


Amazon is the best online store! They have absolutely everything including food but did you know they sell clothes and other fashion items. They even have higher designer pieces like Stuart Weitzman, Rebecca Minkoff  and Tory Burch. 



Chicwish is a store I've been shopping on for years now and its my go to place for dresses and skirts. Their items always seem to be discounted and on promotion which is a bonus. I'm never disappointed with the quality and love every item I've bought. 


Storets is a newer online shop I was introduced to. I was so happy to see they carry the cutest on trend pieces at a decent price. Every time I'm on the website I find myself wanting absolutely everything. 


Okay, you might have heard of Shein before but let me honest and explain it from my experiences. Shein is an online store based out of China, I know you might be thinking "oh not one of those". I was so skeptical before I ordered from the site but after many orders from their website I think I have it pretty down so I know I'll always get a winner.
As long as you look at sizing and never order "one size fits all", and are careful reading materials I don't see why you won't end up with a piece that looks exactly like the website. Keep in mind the pieces are being shipped out of China not just made their so it can be a long time before they get to you. I've had orders take about a month before, which is no big deal as long as you aren't planning to wear it anywhere important. The reason I love this website is because of the thousands of products it varies. You can often find the most popular Zara pieces on there as well as well as some designer dupes.  

Pixie Market 

You can find similar pieces to Zara but on a much cooler scale. I like Pixie Market because they know they're cool but are so low key about it. They even style outfits in a way that will make you think those extra trendy pieces are classic staples that you need to have in your wardrobe. 


Vestiaire Collective

I am on this website always looking up my dream items. Chanel flats, Gucci belts, Manolo Blahnik heels, etc. Vestiaire Collective is updating their thousands of items constantly which is always appreciated. I personally think its the best way to shop designer brands second hand.

The way the website works is really simple, its a kind of Ebay if you will. So when you see a listing you want, you can buy right away or negotiate a price with the seller. The website gives you an option to sell and buy. All of the items on the site are designer goods ranging from Chanel, Valentino, Celine, Cholé, Saint Laurent and so many other houses. The items are being sold by individual sellers through the website.
So you might be thinking, okay but how do I know if its real? Well after you made your purchase the seller sends the item to Vestiaire Collective offices where they get inspected for authenticity. I do have to say the process can take a long time. I bought a bag from them and took about a month total for it even to arrive.Which I don't mind if I know that means my things are really being verified. They don't accept returns but you can resale the bag with them and get money to spend on the website.

All in all you can't go wrong, even if you aren't into buying second hand a lot of the items are basically new, sometimes people buy things since they are on trend and never get around to wearing them. Its also a great place to check if that one item you had your eye on but is sold out everywhere, odds you might be able to find it here. I think the feature that really sets it a part is the negotiating feature. Even though the item has a price you can always talk to the seller and work it out.    

The Real Real 
This website is basically the same deal as Vestiaire Collective. It's a place where you can sell and buy designer goods. I would say that Vestiaire Collective is more known in Europe and The Real Real is known better in the States and Canada. The Real Real is an awesome website for the same reasons VC is, you'll find yourself always turning to the website to see whats new in. 


Although you need to be extremely careful, people really do sell their pre-loved designer goods on Ebay. I would say to check comments, check the persons rating and if they have any information on their page. Try and check if the product is actually authentic, you can read more on how to do that Here. Also check what the return policy is, ask if they have receipts, or a card of authenticity. ALL DESIGNER BAGS or even real leather bags come with a card of authenticity and mostly everyone keeps them, so if they don't have it, definitely something to keep an eye out for.

High Fashion Society 

Although High Fashion Society has less items than VC and The Real Real you can find those special and unique, designer items that are vintage and sure to be hard to get a hold of. 

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