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First you have to know, I am obsessed with getting eyelash extensions. When I lived in Utah it was a regular thing for me to get my eyelashes done. I have to say I am NOT the type of girl who enjoys going to the salon and getting my nails done or even my hair, I kinda look at it as a chore. 

The first time I ever got my lashes done were for my wedding (3 YEARS AGO!!) I fell in love with them right away. After we came back from our honeymoon and other trips that summer I realized how much I missed them. 

I ended up finding a really great lash specialist in Utah and kept going back to any place I could to do refills. Now, I have to say, Utah is different to any other place. Woman there take beauty to a whole other level. So finding a place to get your eyelashes was so simple, easy and not to mention affordable. 

Now, three years later and living in Edinburgh, I haven't been able to get my lashes done for a whole year. When we lived in Miami for the summer I looked at places that did eyelashes extensions, which are plenty but the price tag was so outrageous I could not justify it.  
Fast forward to living in Edinburgh, I actually have been actively looking for a great lash specialist. However, Edinburgh doesn't have too many people that do them and its hard to trust someone will do a good job with an area as sensitive as your eyes. 

When ROW66 reached out to me to join their salon for a treatment, I was SO excited to find out they did eye lash extensions. 
ROW66 is the cutest little salon ever! They are located on Henderson Row near stockbridge. They specialize in hair extensions, eyelash extensions and blowdrying services. 

Rowan, did my eyelashes and before we got started we talked about what I was expecting them to look like and got more information on the actual service Rowan performs. She was extremely gentle and kind. All I have to say is I will definitely go back to her, I have gotten so many compliments already. I've had my eyelashes done in different styles in the past usually going for a more dramatic, volume look but this time we went for a very natural, flirty lashes and I love them so much. 
Okay, let me give you the 411 on the eyelash extension situation if you've never had them done before. 

1. You'll be laying down for a really long time.

The first time you get them done, you'll be so surprised how long it can take. Its about two hours or more (depending on the type you get). Rowan said she does a special and new technique different from what I got that takes less time so I will probably do that next time. 

2. You can't get them wet for ATLEAST 24/48 hours after application. 

The longer you can wait the better I say. 

3. Whenever you do get them wet you should blow dry them. . . ALWAYS 

I know it sounds strange but take a small lash comb and blowdryer to make sure they dry completely and keep their shape, it makes a huge difference on how they will look. 

4. You WILL get addicted!

The fact that you can just wake up and look put together without any makeup is an addicting feeling. Once the eyelashes fall off you'll feel like something is missing and that something will take you back to the salon. 

5. It's high but low maintenance.  

There are plenty of cons to having eyelash extensions. For one, the cost and upkeep. Depending on where you go, extensions can get really pricy. You always have to take care of them, since you are spending a good amount of money on them you want to make them last. Make sure to be careful of the makeup you wear and what you put of your face. I would stay away from oil products near your eyes. Even with all of the lows of having them done, they really are low maintenance, in the sense that you are ready to go. I personally feel I look more awake and make my eyes look so much bigger. 

If you're thinking of getting them done, I would 100% say go for it!! If you're in Edinburgh you should check out ROW66 they really are the sweetest girls and so professional. 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions. 


 Thank you, ROW66 for inviting me

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