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Hey everyone, 

I am so happy to share this beautiful dress with you. I am not even kidding when I say I received SO many compliments when I wore it to work and church this weekend. To be perfectly honest, when it comes to prints, if it isn't done correctly the garment could end up looking cheap. Thats why many people choose to wear solid colors. However, when I saw this dress on the website I knew I wanted it for the season. The print is done so well and although the dress is so inexpensive, it feels and looks amazing in person. 
It's no secret I love palm trees, they remind me of home, so it was a perfect dress for me. I also love the vivid green on the dress (which is the color of the year). I knew I wanted a pop of color for my shoes and I just think yellow at this moment is the perfect color combo. 
I am so happy its a new week, June is my favorite month next to October. Its Chase's birthday this Thursday and our anniversary later in the month. A little fun fact about us, we were married on the longest day of the year. June 20th, we thought it would be perfect and so fitting. 

Have the best week, 

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