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A couple of weeks ago Chase and I took a 30 minute train ride to North Berwick. So many people had recommended taking a trip there and we kept waiting for the perfect day since we knew it was a seaside town and we wanted to walk around. The weather was going to be on our side so we left on a Tuesday afternoon, As soon as we got off the train I could tell I was going to fall in love with this town. 

North Berwick is such a dreamy town, at a distance there are rock formations which you can actually take a boat ride to and see some puffins. 
To my surprise, There was so much color! These bright doors were located right next to the boats, I believe we read they were used back in the day as changing rooms. 
We had lunch right next to the beach, I looked up a few restaurants before the trip and I knew I wanted to eat lobster because its just my favorite. There is a place called lobster shack but they have a sister sit down restaurant called the rocketeers. We order the sea food platter and it brought so much food! Lobster, chips, mussels, etc. I can tell you we were so full! I don't think we ate the rest of the day haha

There is actually a famous ice cream shop, we had planned to go but we were so full we had to skip it, but if you are ever in North Berwick, you should check it out- Alanda's Gelateria. We passed by it and looked amazing, lots of flavors. 
Chase and I loved this town so much, our dream is to live close to the beach. We both agreed that we could see ourselves living here if it was possible. 
We took a hike to the other side of the hill, we saw so many little beaches on the way and a really pretty golf course which over looks the sea. 
You can actually rent kayaks and paddle boards for the day which is pretty neat. 
The dreamiest little town, I would have loved to take a boat ride.  Hopefully we can come back one back, I just loved how peaceful and cheerful it was. 

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