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I've watched the Academy Awards with my brother Jonathan for years. All of my brothers and myself love watching films and we find the show so fun. While Chase and I were dating we were invited to an Oscar viewing party by a group of film students, and we brought my brother along as our plus-one. Since then, about 4 years ago, we have watched the Oscars with pencils in our hands making predictions. Aside from the films, the real winners are those stunning gowns. I sometimes don't remember who won, but I always remember my favorite gowns. Can't wait to watch it this weekend, I actually will have to watch in on Monday because of the time difference.

Rachael Weiss has been a total bombshell in my eyes since I saw the Mummy. She looks so gorgeous in this silk dress 

Channeling the lovely Audrey Hepburn, Hathaway looked stunning in blush sporting her short hair style which she cut for the Les Miserable film. Good thing she won an Oscar for that role. 

Charlie Theron looked absolutely beautiful winning the Oscar for her role in Monsters Ball which looked nothing like she did in this gown. The whole look screams Old Hollywood glam, just stunning and timeless. 

You probably expected Gwyneth Paltrow to be on my list with that pretty pink Ralph Lauren number, however, this all white Tom Ford dress makes me feel things I shouldn't be feeling for a dress. It's mature, but sexy, and almost futuristic. She nailed the perfect minimalist look.

Kate Hudson radiates Old Hollywood with such beautiful and delicate lace fabric. It's simple, but not too simple.

Perhaps my favorite Oscar red carpet dress of all time. Michele Williams always goes for the bold look, and she looked spectacular in this Vera Wang number!! I have never seen this color on anyone else at an award show. I really can't recall anyone ever wearing this color, period. It was one of a kind. I love the red lips, but I would have changed the necklace to a pair of earrings. Besides that, it was perfect in my eyes.

Mila Kunis stunned us all in this beautiful Ellie Saab Haute Couture number. Lace can sometimes make a look very youthful, but in this instance its was just so sexy. She didn't win best supporting actress for her part in the film Black Swan. I don't remember who did, but when I think of Mila Kunis only two things come to mind, 'That 70s Show', and her in this lavender Vera Wang dress. 

Lupita, looked like she jumped out of a fairy tale. She channeled Cinderella in this beautiful powder blue Prada gown. She was a true winner since she took the Oscar for her supporting role in '12 Years a Slave'. 

Absolutely stunning in this Giorgio Armani, Hathaway looked like a mermaid.  

The dress heard (and seen) around the world. Who knew pink could make such a commotion? Gwyneth dawned the Oscar's red carpet in this pink taffeta Ralph Lauren number. I think if you asked me ten years ago how I felt about this dress I would have asked, "what dress"? Since all I see is a sea of cotton candy. Now, I have learned to appreciate all the pink mess, you have to admit, we're still talking about it. So something was right about this dress and she did look lovely. By the way, she won best actress for 'Shakespeare in Love'. 

Audrey Hepburn is just so classic during the 1954 Oscars wearing this Givenchy belted floral dress.

Grace Kelly, timeless and perfect as ever. Kelly won an Oscar for The Country Girl accepting the award in a French satin Edith Head dress.

Wino Forever, am I right? Seeing Winona Ryder in black is so common you wouldn't think anything of it, and I don't. It's classic, effortless and elegant, and well, Winona rules my 90s childhood movies, so she's here to stay. 
This color was made for Keira Knightly, she wore this mermaid Vera Wang dress in 2006 to the Oscars.

Pretty Women her self! Julia taught us you can mix vintage and designer to look like a goddess. This velvet and satin vintage Valentino dress, plus that hair-do left us with a timeless look from Julia Roberts.

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