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Happy Wednesday everyone, 

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day. Remember to go out today and enjoy the chocolates on sale, and treat yourself to the half-priced flowers. 

I wanted to share this outfit with you guys because I have a little story behind the trousers I am wearing. I've actually owned these pants for about six years now. I bought them from J.Crew when I worked there after I graduated high school. These pants have traveled with me from Florida to Utah, back to Florida, and now to Scotland. I've tailored them, washed them, steamed them stored them, and now I'm finally styling them. Not only do they hold sentimental value for me, but they're also great quality and the print is timeless. I mean tartan in Scotland is just as appropriate as ever! 

The older I get the more I appreciate the things I have in my life, i.e. the people in it, what I eat, and what I own. I think while we grow up we see our parents getting rid of our old clothes because we grow out of them. You start to think it's natural to keep that habit. It has become routine in my life to purge through my closet. Although I do think it's good to clean-out every once in a while the things you don't need or love anymore; however, I don't think you have to keep replacing your loved pieces if you know how to take care of them. 

I wanted to share five tips with you so you can take better care of your clothes. 

1. Learn the fabric!

Fabrics are the key to everything, and learning about what your favorite top is made of can make the difference in how you wear it, when you wear it, how you wash it and dry it, and eventually store it. 
For example, when I worked at J.Crew a lot of customers would complain that their expensive cashmere was getting ruined after washing. Well, it's because Cashmere requires a little more attention, than say...your cotton top. 
It needs to be stored away from sunlight, and made sure there is no dust and/or dampness near by. After you make sure the area is secure, place the cashmere in acid-free tissue which can protect the color and elements. 

2. Clean your clothes the right way!

Okay, this is huge, you need to read your labels. Those annoying labels on the side of your clothes can save your life. It can tell you if you have to wash your clothes by hand, in cold water or warm water, or if you have to take it to the dry cleaner. Washing your clothes is an important step in preservation so that you're happy with your clothes every time you wear them.
Have you ever washed a black item of clothing and once it comes out the color has faded? This has happened to me countless times until I learned to keep the color alive. 
For example: Turn the garment inside out, use cold water, only wash with similar colors and skip the dryer. 

3.  Store your clothes the right way!

Garments can really lose their shape depending on how you keep them. Sweaters are a great example showing how clothes can get bent out of shape. Don't hang them, but rather fold them appropriately.

4. Don't Iron! 

I've lost count of how many people I have introduced steaming to. It is honestly one of my favorite things to do. To me it's more of a therapy session than a chore. It makes me feel so good to put a silk blouse on and know it's wrinkle free, and I've protected the integrity of the fabric by not making harsh contact with an iron. I am sure I can name plenty of people who have burned one thing or another with an iron (myself included). It can really destroy your clothes. I do understand that you want your clothes to look put together, that's why I always recommend a steamer instead. Really, if you don't have one go out and get one because it can change the game for you. It doesn't have to be anything expensive. The first one I bought was actually from Walmart, and I had it for years. The only reason I got rid of it was because we were moving overseas.
I just bought another one recently, it's travel size, so it'll be great for me.

5. Take your clothes off! 

Unless you're wearing new jeans around the house to wear them in you should always change out of your street clothes while you're just lounging around. Many reasons come to mind, but mainly to avoid them getting ruined. I don't know how many times I have been cooking and spilled something on myself, or even just eating. People always wonder why I stay in my pajamas or gym clothes around the house, it's simply because I want to protect my clothes from myself haha.

I'm so excited to share that VERVE will soon unveil, 'Fashion's best kept secret'. They are the official, garment care suppliers for LFW (London Fashion Week) and LFW Festival. They have a big exciting launch planned (Feb 23rd).
I really care for my clothes and their products do too! I can't wait to show you guys more!

I'm also excited to share that one lucky person will win a ticket to London Fashion Week!
All you have to do is sign up to VERVE HERE and post on INSTAGRAM your favorite outfit tagging me in your pictures so I can check them out! Make sure to add #BEAVERVEVIP

Thanks to VERVE for partnering in this post

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