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Happy Friday everyone,

Can you believe Christmas is next weekend, time just skips us doesn't it. Things around are so busy just how they usually are towards the end of the year. Chase and I won't be making it to Florida this year which we are both a little sad about but trying to make the best of it considering the fact were spending it in Europe in a very festive city. It actually the first time we won't be in Florida for Christmas since we've been together. Little fun fact Chase proposed to me the day after Christmas in 2013, its just a really special time for so many reasons. So We're going to take a little trip somewhere nearby next weekend and it'll be a nice getaway.
Now lets talk about Gingham, you are probably like its Winter, why are you talking about such a Summer print and yes that's an excellent point but Gingham can be incorporated into your wardrobe throughout the year. You can pair it with faux leather or a great coat for a more Winter time look.
SHEIN has some great pieces at the moment and I think they always do a great job incorporating the biggest trends with classic style. For example some of the gingham top have the statement sleeves with is just so popular at the moment.
SHEIN is actually having a great big sale plus free shipping! I'm sure you'll find some things you'll love. I always do and end up filling my cart with way too much haha!
All of the pieces are attached below.

Have the best weekend



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