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Happy December everyone,
I'm sure some of you know by now I had a little bit of a change to my hair. I have been just blonde for so long now and although I try to change it up every now and then with the tones of my hair I just wasn't happy with it at all.
I'm someone who relies so much on my hair for a source of confidence since I was young. I always thought I had decent hair and its mostly because so many people would compliment me. Now years later and a lot of experimenting with color and style I've learned that I love myself most when I have long blonde hair. However, lately my hair was so lack luster which made me feel like I wanted to hide.
One of the thoughts I had when I was moving to Edinburgh was about my hair, I was concerned who I could turn to. I've had a lot of hair mistakes with untrusted hair dressers (one in particular involving my wedding).
A month after moving I attended a blogging event where I noticed how beautiful one of the girls hair was. She recommend Austen owner of the Austen Thomson salon.
So this is where we are now, Austen really wanted to make me happy and listened to my troubles and concerns and after showing him some hair inspiration from pinterest ( pinterest is the best). He gave really natural, blended hair which is what I have been craving for some time now. This way I can leave my hair be for some time and just let it grow even more.
If you are in Edinburgh and looking for a magician I highly recommend going to the Austen Thomson salon, Austen and his wife are so kind and welcoming into their beautiful salon I really feel like I was treated the very best.
I attached a couple of videos Austen filmed for his channel, if you have a few moments you should watched it and SUBSCRIBE to Austen's channel.
Have a lovely week,


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