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Happy Friday!
I'm so excited to share these photos from our visit to Craigie's Farm a few weekends ago. It was an adventure in itself getting there (if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen) we took a bus there. Its out of the city but keep in mind everything in Edinburgh is relatively close by since it's so small so I believe it wasn't even a 20 minute bus drive since it was early in the morning. We went to the bus station and found the right bus quickly but unfortunately because our bus driver was Russian we couldn't understand him perfectly so we got off way past our original bus stop. Our major detour turned in our favor because we got to walk and see the beautiful Autumn landscape, some cows,horses and other animals. Once we got to the farm we were so impressed, I had done my research before we moved to Scotland and found Craigie's farm online with great reviews but even then I didn't expect it to be so good. The Farm feels like it goes on forever and its a perfect place for families especially on a beautiful Fall day. The weather was definitely in our favor because it was just blue skies so we were able to be outside with no problem (the weather has been fantastic actually, I'm not sure if its an off year or people were exaggerating on the bad weather but its wonderful).
We started our time at the farm with apple picking, so we grabbed our baskets and took the tracker ride over to the apple trees. They have it set up with rows of different types of apples, its so neat. Once lunch time hit we took the tracker back to the front where they have a deli and restaurant inside, the food was so yummy and tasted so fresh. Besides being a farm they also sell produce and other goods. We went back after lunch but this time just walked to the pumpkin patch (we couldn't get a pumpkin since we were taking the bus) none the less it excites me when I see them.
We finished our day by going to see the farm animals, we saw pigs, chickens and our favorite were the shetland ponies (I WANT ONE) they are adorable and just calm, relaxing animals. We spent some time petting them, Chase even gave them an apple to munch on.
To me it was the perfect Fall day, I am definitely returning during Summer time because they also have strawberry and cherry picking. I hope you can check it out if you're in the area.
Do you have any fun Fall plans this weekend? Tell me about it by commenting below. Chase and I are about to go to the Botanic Gardens to see the fallen leaves.
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Turtle neck: ASOS
Sweater: H&M
Pants: J.CREW

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