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Happy October!
I live for Fall and everything to do with it especially the clothes. This  outfit will definitely be in my cycle for my wardrobe this season. Its all basic stables you most likely already have in your closet right now. A cozy cable knit turtleneck sweater, dark skinny jeans plus a pair of boots and you're set. Its nothing to overpowering for the start of the season since honestly its not very cold here (yet). The weather here in Edinburgh is nothing short of being perfect. 
On Saturday we walked to a part of Edinburgh called Leith which is right next the water. We ended up catching a movie-Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (that's a mouth full) we mostly just wanted to get a feel for the theater situation here and I'm glad we did because there are some differences from the states. Like did you know movie prices differ depending on the films popularity? I sure didn't! Anyways I liked that particular area because its lined with a ton of restaurants and cobble stone streets, not the easiest when walking with heels (although that most likely won't stop me from wearing these boots).
On Sunday we watched The LDS Semi-annual Conference from Saturday and Sunday sessions since were seven hours behind Utah time zone it was hard to watch it all live.
 Today was a gorgeous day, we toke our usual Sunday walk but it felt different. I looked above and didn't see a cloud in the sky and the sun was in full force. We walked down to Princes Street park and discovered a part of the park we hadn't checked out yet. Its directly below the Edinburgh castle which is just impressive to see and like I mentioned it was the perfect day so a lot of people were out and about having picnics and soaking up some sun. I think it hit me while laying on the grass looking across to my husband that we have been living in Scotland for a whole month now and it still blows my mind how life can just change and in the best way. I am living my wildest dreams with my dream man in a dreamy city. Life is just very good my friends
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