Stirling Castle

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What I'm Wearing
Coat: Forever21 very similar HERE & I love THIS ONE
Top: Forever21
Pants: J.crew They are the pixie pants and I recommend anyone to buy them (amazing)
Hat: Forever21 very similar HERE & HERE
Backpack: Love this one
Chase's Jacket: Patagonia
Chase's Jeans:J.Crew

Happy Monday
On Friday we left Edinburgh on train to explore a town called Stirling just 50 minutes away by train. If you ever watched the movie Braveheart (1995) this is where one of the actual battles was fought. Right when we got home that night we watched the film, its one of Chase's favorites. The city even has a monument dedicated to Sir William Wallace which you can see from the castle, we want to return just for that. This trip however, we just wanted to explore the castle. I'm not sure if anyone has watched the show Reign if you have then you might be interested in this castles history since Mary queen of Scotts lived here for some time and was even crowned at the Stirling castle.  
The castle was interesting, full of history of course and beautiful scenery. I've noticed that I'm unable to capture the true beauty and essence of these locations. My camera unlike my sight doesn't do it justice. I hope you have a lovely week, Fall is quickly approaching! Chase and I decided last night on our Halloween costumes, way too excited.
Thanks for reading xx

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