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Overalls: FOREVER21
Hat: Forever21 (sold out) LOVE this one HERE
Backpack: Target Love this one HERE
Sandals: Forever21 (sold out) Love these HERE Similar Version HERE
Watch: Michael Kors

Back at it with that white overalls
what can I say, except they are so much fun to wear. During the weekend I got a chance to go see this beautiful lighthouse located in Key Biscanye. While we were there I kept thinking how beautiful Key Biscanye is and how peaceful it seemed especially on a Saturday afternoon. If you aren't familiar with the Miami area, key Biscanye is an island off of downtown Miami that stretches far where you can find the most beautiful beaches and incredible views of Miami's skyline when you're crossing over the bridge. This lighthouse is at the very end of Key Biscayne (entrance to the park is eight dollars) you can enjoy so much of your day there by having a BBQ, enjoying the water or even try your hand at fishing with the locals.
During our three months in Miami I really wanted the chance to visit new places that I hadn't experienced yet, Miami is such a big city but its broken down into even smaller cities within it which I particularly enjoy because there is so much diversity and culture at every turn. By visiting new areas, and some of my classic favorites I fell in love with my city again.
 I believe that where you are from makes so much of your personality, the way you speak, the hobbies you enjoy, what sport teams you like. I can go on and on but my point is this, yes its fun to travel but once in a while explore your own city, have love and pride for it and get a little lost even if you know where you are going.
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