Casual Nudes

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What I'm Wearing
Trench Coat: c/o MAKE ME CHIC
Shoes: Adidas you can also find them HERE if you can't find them in your size try the men or big kid selection. That's what I did since they are very popular, I ordered my pair through the big kid selection. If you didn't know just subtract 2, so I'm a size 7 in women and a size 5 for big kids. Its a also a good tip in saving some money.  
Jeans: J Brand
Bodysuit: Missguided
Purse: Found it at uptown cheapskates Michael Kors

Living in a walking city you quickly learn comfortable shoes are high on your priority. We've walked up and down this town and by the end of each day I can hear my feet begging me for a break. My outfit very much reflects the street fashion I've seen around the city. Most women are very chic and really on trend and always have sneakers or loafers instead of heels (this is what I call a smart woman). I'm so use to pairing my outfits with either a sandal or boot and have never gravitated towards sneakers as a top choice. I think its because my schools always enforced uniform and we weren't really allowed to wear much more than sneakers and I believe that feeling resonated with me. Anyways, I'm really digging this casual yet chic vibe the city is giving off. I am someone who gets inspired by others and I'm just enjoying the change.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

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