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Bathing Suit: Forever21 (sold out) Love this Piece Love This One Affordable Option HERE
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I wore this suit during our trip to the keys, we basically had a private pool since it was right outside our hotel room. I've been noticing more beautiful one piece bathing suits come out which makes me happy because it gives women more options especially those who prefer modest suits.

I remember when one piece bathing suits weren't the it item on any beach or pool, I've spoken to a lot of women who see them as a means to hide themselves. However, one piece suits aren't what the use to be, most of the time you couldn't find a cute one piece suit and the odds are if you did find a super cute suit it might cost you an arm and a leg compared to others. I've always gravitated towards a one piece suit, perhaps its because I was uncomfortable in a two piece and exposing so much of myself but mostly its because I just find them so classic. I love this suit, the structure is really fun, yet unpractical if you really want a good tan. One piece suits have gotten a face lift and you can find them in more affordable store like target and forever21 which is where I found this one, the black and white pieces are classic which is what I love most and just added a red lip to make it pop.
I hope you got some inspiration to wear either a one piece or two piece, just remember you'll look fabulous in either! Its how you wear it, not what you wear!

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