Trench Coat Classic

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TRENCH COAT:  J.crew from Uptown Cheapskate Similar Here (under $100)  Top Shop Trench Coat  Burberry Trench coat  White Jeans  Top  Hat: Pan Tai Trading in stores LOVE THIS ONE  Shoes: Target SAME ONES HERE ON SALE!!! Love this one Bag: ALDO (sold out) LOVE THIS ONE 

Life has been so busy lately with packing up and selling just about everything we own. The idea of starting all over again freaks me out and feels liberating at the same time. Here in Utah it has been raining for what feels like weeks and one thing I have wearing non stop is this beautiful trench coat that was originally from J.Crew but found at Uptown Cheapskate. If you don't know what uptown Cheapskate you should defiantly take a look and see if they have one in your are. They are a consignment store, meaning you can sell your gently used items to receive either cash or store credit. I always go to them when I need to sell items, its the best. 
Anyways my trench coat is amazing and I am so happy I found it for a fraction of the price, I listed some other options where you can find some great trench coats because I do think its a staple in your wardrobe.
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