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Dress:Zara   Love this dress  Love this dress for summer   Sandals: Forever21 Love these sandals for summer too  (less than $30!)  These are great also    Hat: Forever21 Similar one here   Less than $60 here  Sunglass: Ray Bans   Purse: Michael Kors

Happy Memorial Day!
It's a special day to re
member those who served for our country so can have the blessing of being free. I'm thankful to my brother who served and everyone else who puts their life on the line for me and this country, I love this country and I'm proud to be an American.
I wore this fun gingham dress over the weekend, its actually navy but it looks black on camera, I think there are only a few color combinations that can be pulled for holidays, for example orange and black are just appropriate for Halloween and green and red look good for Christmas. Red, white and blue work for any American holiday and its so fun to wear.
Have a lovely day a attached the links to this whole outfit above.
xx Joan 

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