New York Photo Diary

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My bestfriend and I decided at the beginning of the year to take a trip together and since we both hadn't been to New York it made picking the location so easy.
We had a long list of things we wanted to see and I'm so proud of us because we crammed just about everything in four days haha 
It was so much to take in! The buildings, the people, the food. New York is so iconic that I feared I would be disappointed because of the image I had in my mind that was built from shows, movies and pictures. I'm happy to say New York wasn't a disappointment, she was everything and more. At times I would look around and I couldn't believe how real the city was how genuinely accurate the perception of New York City is.
We stayed in Korea Way which I definitely recommend taking a swing by when you're in Manhattan. There are so many fun shops, we only explored that street moments before we headed to the airport but I did get to buy some Korean skincare products which I've heard great things about. There were also some really great bakeries down the street and lots of Korean restaurants, I even spotted a karaoke place if you're into that.  




Day One:
We landed and went to our hotel to check in, we wanted to explore right away so because we were so close to Times Square we walked down Manhattan just exploring and even ran into central park, we had pizza and shake shack for the day.
Day Two:
 We woke up early to catch the Staten Island Ferry, we really wanted to see the Statue of Liberty and we heard the ferry ride was free so we toke advantage, since we were by the financial district we walked down Wall Street, saw the Bull which wasn't very impressive and then walked to the freedom tower and 9/11 memorial. I didn't take any picture because I just thought it wasn't appropriate, it was so overwhelming to see the fountains with all the names of the victims written on them. We then made our way to China Town and all I have to say is if I never go back I would be fine with that ha! The one area that impressed me the most because I think its so underrated was Little Italy. I never hear anyone talk about that area. We walked to find somewhere to have dinner, we stumbled across this little place which was neat because the owner was even sitting having dinner and talking to the customers, it felt really intimate. We had dessert from these carts on the street which were so yummy and then headed back to Manhattan. That night we walked around the streets to see the lights and people. We went to a lounge I had read about called press lounge I heard you can see amazing views from since it seats on the 16th floor. There were no tourist there, just locals having drinks. Its free to get inside so we just enjoyed the view.
Day Three:
We got up early and walked to the Flatiron building which was so close to our hotel, it was such an interesting building to see in person. It was so early that the streets were pretty empty, it was neat to see the city not as crowded. We up to the MET which was one of my favorite things we did. We saw just such beautiful statues and paintings. We spent a good amount of time there, we even sat on the steps of the MET which I didn't even know was a thing haha! We went to watch a Broadway show, we picked Chicago which was so great! We had pizza again and then made our way down to Greenwich Village, we walked around Washington Square Park, I loved the area We went into a little restaurant to get warm. They only sold alcohol and crêpes which was so neat. The park at night was great because the arch was all lite up and I loved the music by local artist. There was just so much creative people around I felt so inspired there. We ended the day by passing by the LDS temple and Apple store.
Day Four:
We had all day until we had to go back to the airport so we wanted to go to the Rockefeller center to go on Top of the rock. The views we had were amazing, I'm glad we ended the trip with a view of the whole we had just walked. We also went inside a nearby Cathedral and walked inside some shops. The day was rainy and cold. We ended the day in Korea way.
It was such a great trip! I'm so happy we were to see so much of the city and was able to share it was my best friend, I'm excited to go back one day and enjoy more.

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