Easter Dress Inspirtation

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Hey guys, Can you believe that Easter is this week? This year is flying by but really doesn't it always feel like that, at least it does for me.
Since I've been married Easter has easily become my favorite holiday and I didn't even recognize it until yesterday when I was out buying treats for some Easter baskets I am making to give away. It is one of the most important days of the year, a day to reflect on our savior and to be with family and friends, its not about the gifts or fireworks or even about the food its simple and I like simplicity. I remember when I was young we always did an Easter egg hunt which was so fun, I can't wait to do that with my future nonexistent children. Now on Easter Chase and I go to church like usual and make dinner and I get to make a Easter basket for him with some of his favorite treats.
I love that Easter is always on Sunday so that means your Sunday best so I added some Easter dresses as inspiration for classic Spring dresses.
I hope you have a great Easter Sunday!
Thanks for reading,
xx Joan 

1. Ann Taylor
2. Zara
4. Nordstrom

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