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COAT: c/o Banana Republic Via Uptown Cheapskate SKIRT (I love the black one also) BLOUSE EARRINGS: JCrew Factory SHOES: Sam Edelman PURSE: Michael Koru WATCH: Michael Koru  
I'm so excited for the weekend, actually I'm always excited for the weekend to come. I love Sundays because its basically the only day Chase and I get to spend all day together since we both work and go to school and have to be adults haha but on Sundays we get to sleep in and by sleep I mean waking up at 8:00AM (I'm up before 6AM everyday) we go to church and get home and cook something yummy and just spend time together. I wore this look on Valentine's Day which was a really sweet day. Chase and I celebrated the day before by having breakfast at Communal (which we loved) and dinner at Market Street Grill up in Salt Lake, Chase even showed me where he works at BYU.  On Sunday I woke up to a beautiful card on my pillow and lovely white roses which chase told me to get him water and found them in the refrigerator, I was so surprised!
I basically love every holiday, I love any reason to be festive. So for this look I just wanted really feminine and soft colors so I wanted to wear my favorite color BLUSH! 
Make sure you stay tune for a giveaway to Uptown cheapskate!
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