Holiday Gift Guide For Him...

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Buying gifts for some men can be so difficult, when I worked retail I realized most men shop much differently than women. Women can go to the mall and be happy to just go window shopping and still walk out with something new. Men don't go window shopping, men go shopping for what they need. They are defiantly more about quality vs. quantity. Keeping this in mind it makes it easier to shop for the men in my life, before my husband I had years of shopping for guys because I have three older brothers plus my dad and they are pretty difficult to shop for.
So you can go one of two ways, get them something they really want and would never buy themselves or buy them something they actually need, I think that's why my mom always bought my brothers socks ;)

Thanks for reading & Happy Shopping!!
Joan xx
(Links are below)

Fitbit Watch
The North Face Kcrew Jacket
The Home T
Portable Ping Pong Game
Apple T.V.
Jimmy Fallon J.Crew Pocket Dial
Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Italian Wool Sweater
Penny Board
Amazon Echo
Messenger Bag
Shaving Kit
Cards Against Humanity


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