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Boots: Jessica Buurman (They have a flat style too) Bodysuit: Misguided (so into bodysuits right now) Vest: Forever 21(Sold out) Similar color here  Similar Style here (love) Pants: JCrew (on sale right now, they are like really thick leggings, so perfect and they are always at Jcrew- comes in petite and tall)  Purse: Michael Kors Cindy Bag

Hey beautiful people!  
This outfit was so fun to wear, because this outfit had so many basic colors with gray, white and black I needed a pop of color and I am so in love with this vest. I think a lot of people stray away from pastel tones during Winter and come back to it during Spring but I do think softer hues can be incorporated during Winter just as much as jeweled tone colors.
So let's talk about these boots!! I know everyone is in LOVE with the Stuart Weitzman's over the knee boots and I am too! but honey those boots cost an arm and a leg plus your first child and I just can't do that. Well you know me I love myself a great deal and a great dupe. So I went on the hunt for similar boots and after a lot of trial and error I came across these gray beauties on the Jessica Buurman website. The items on the website I guess are suppose to mimic high end brands. I was so skeptical about ordering the boots, I had never heard of this brand in my life or ever saw anyone talking about it, I also wasn't trilled that the boots were being shipped out of China. Although the website does give you free shipping, which is nice I live on the other side of the world so I paid a little extra for express shipping (it still took a while) but not as long as it would have been with normal shipping so I would recommend to take a closer look into the shipping dates. Before I was ready to purchase, the too good to be true boots, I tried to round up any information from this company as I couldn't really find much. I found them on Instagram and some other reviews. I do recommend doing your research before you provide such sensitive information like your debit, credit card and address, you just never know these days so its better to be safe.
Anyways, I do love the boots, I'm sure the Stuart Weitzman might be better quality but come on for the price no question about it and honestly every time I have worn these people ask if they are the Stuart Weitzman boots and that just makes my heart tingle with joy
Thanks so much for stopping by!
xx JB

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