Give It Some Flare..

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Jeans: Express (I bought them on a great sale)  Sweater: Target (in store)  Hat: H&M (in store) Purse: Michael Kors via Macy's Booties: JustFab (I Love them) Monogram Necklace: ETSY Long necklace: Rocksbox  
Hey guys, sorry I've MIA but with the time change it took me a whole week to adjust haha.. It's still Fall here but I feel Winter coming and I could go on a tangent on the reasons why Winter and I don't get along but I won't do that to you.
I wore this outfit on Saturday and it made me feel like Olivia Pope, I can defiantly see her wearing this on a date with Fitz.. As I mentioned before the 70s are back, I don't know how long their stay will be but I appreciate the visit. It took me forever to find the right flare jeans for my short frame, I made sure I bought them in petite. I had bought a pair of regular flare jeans and they were unbelievably long, so just a tip if you are shorter than 5'4. The reason I love flare jeans is because they can really elongated you, which is a plus for me. You can also really dress up a look by wearing flare jeans instead of skinny jeans.
What are your Favorite kind of pants to wear?
Thanks for reading! xx JB

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