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Some trends are great and I welcome them with open love when I see them approaching a mile a way however, the reality is trends come and then roll back to the decade they squeezed themselves out of. One major suggestion I have for you my friend is don't shell out that bank account for a soon to be last season pair of shoes when you can an afford option and still be contemporary. I decided to break down Fall 2015 trend alerts and classic pieces your wardrobe should have every year. I'll tell you up front, this Fall you'll think you woke in the 70's.
1. Suede: Although suede has stuck around and we can usually this material on shoes it  has now made its way onto everything! I'm not exaggerating! You can find it on dresses, purses, jackets, skirts, coats, hats and so on. This is one trend that I absolutely love.
2. Fringe: Hello! The 70's are calling and they want their fringe back.. so fringe can get real tacky real soon but this time around I noticed that there are sudden ways to make the trend work, for example you could have fringe on your shoes, purses and if you feel a little daring you could even have a fringe skirt.
3. Flare Jeans: You probably saw flare jeans and thought,I'll never betray my skinny jeans and I definitely feel you but honestly flare jeans have some magic to them. First you have to get the image of boot cut and bell bottoms out of your mind because flare jeans are different. The reason why I like flare jeans is because they can really elongated you. Which a women standing at 5'2 like myself can really appreciate the allusion. They are form fitting, giving you a nice shape then right before your ankles they flare out. I would suggest wearing these with heels and during fall some heeled booties.
4. Structured Booties: Booties are no stranger to every the season especially Fall but a trend I have noticed are strutted booties which just means they are sleek and shaped. I really like this trend, it can really dress up an outfit.
5. Ponchos: Ponchos are such a favorite of mine, so I'm glad these are making a trend this season.
1. Corduroys: I probably have every color of cords, they are so great because they actually keep me warm which comes second to looking cute ha but honestly they are great for the season and its nice to ditch jeans for a while.
2. Dark Lips: an oldie but a goodie, the classic vampy lip is so perfect for fall. If you aren't to daring I would suggest going with a darker shade of red to experiment. The way to figure out the shade that works best for you is to just turn your wrist over, if your veins are blue that probably means you're cool tone, if you're green that probably means you're warm and if you see some purple or can't really tell you are probably a neutral skin tone. Wearing a darker shade on your lips is a good way to incorporate Fall into your wardrobe.
3. Hats: My weakness, I've said enough.
4.Over the Knee boots: A true classic that can really dress up your outfit or even dress it down if you decide to wear heels or not.
5. Earth tone shades: Earth tone shades are so beautiful, some of my favorite shades are burgundy, brunt orange, olive green. I think you should get good use of them and for those who aren't in a colder weather and can't dress in layers just wearing Fall colors is a good way to incorporate.
6. Blanket Scarf: Scarfs have always been around as an essential accessory to Fall and Winter but blanket scarfs which are just thick long scarf really made a statement a couple of years ago and has now become a favorite of mine, I can't picture fall without it.
There you have it guys, my trend alerts and classics for Fall 2015, I want to know what are your favorite trends or classics for this season, leave me a comment down below and as always thanks for stopping by

Below I attached some photos of examples.
    'Loren' Fringe Bootie (Women) Faux Suede Shift Dress 'Toledo' Fringe Suede Crossbody Bag 'Carrara' Fringe Suede Crossbody Bag
Cowl Neck Poncho 'Highland' Over the Knee Boot'Diana' Stretch Corduroy Skinny Pants

'Flawless - Icon' Flare Jeans (Camilla) (Nordstrom Exclusive)  'Jacquard Stripe Scarf

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