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Happy first day of Autumn!
 October is sneaking up on us and I am so excited!! October is my favorite month so I was curious and asked my husband what his favorite month was and he said October also. He explained because it's the start of the Holiday season but I'm sure he likes it because I was born in October  haha wow this year has just flown by, so I just want to enjoy each day as much as possible.
 I have wrote a list of 10 favorite Fall activities I think everyone can enjoy even if you're living an eternal summer.
1. Take a drive up the mountains: I know not everyone is surrounded by mountains but if you are, I would take full advantage of the beautiful scenery. The beautiful hues of the leaves can really get you in the Fall mood.
2. Spice up your life: Baking is so fun during the holidays and it all starts during the Fall when you pumpkin your whole life upside down. On my blog I'll be sharing some of my favorite baked goods along with recipes, stay tune!
3. Pumpkin carving contest: Pumpkin carving is so fun and messy, so make sure you place enough newspaper underneath the pumpkin. This one of my favorite things to do during Fall and if you're creative enough I'm sure you'll make something cool, make sure to include your family and make a little competition out of it!
4. Halloween/ Scary movie: So I don't let myself really watch scary movies all year around so I can save them all for the month of October. For the last couple of years I've been watching a Halloween/ scary movie each day in October until Halloween, of course my favorite is Hocus Pocus just like probably everyone else but Disney channel has some good flicks to get the kids involved and Netflix has a ton of horror films, if you have to sleep with your light on, don't worry me too!
Oh and don't forget October 3rd is Mean Girls day so get your girls together (or you men  that secretly love mean girls) take a scissor to your shirt and do the dang thing.. or you can just watch it.  
5. Murder mystery dinner party: My husband and I did a Murder mystery party last year on Halloween, It was fun! Chase was the host and the only one who knew the storyline, we had dinner and everyone arrived in character.
6. Participate in Halloween: Halloween is so fun for all ages, anyone can dress up and if you're not into dressing up you can always just be a spectator and pass out candy, someone has to be home and do that.
7. Haunted houses: If you're brave haunted homes can be fun and maybe even scary you a little bit.
8. Home-made hot chocolate: There are so many yummy recipes online for some great hot chocolate, don't forget the whip cream and marshmallows!
9. Decorate your home: My mom has always, always decorated our home for every holiday just I always thought was fun and can get you in the spirit of things. I think this is a good way to get in the mood even if you're not getting the effects from the weather and a side note you definitely don't have to be tacky when decorating, look online for some inspiration, Pier1 and Pinterest are my go to.
10. Farmers Markets: Although summer is a great time for farmers markets as well I always prefer going during Fall since the crisp fresh air makes it more enjoyable and you can probably score a nice looking pumpkin while you're at it.
There you have guys, my ten favorite things to do during Fall time, comment and let me know what are your favorite traditions or activities you like to do. As always thanks for stopping by!
Lots of Love, JB

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