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Whenever I get frozen yogurt I always add in yogurt chips, its my favorite part. This past weekend my husband and I went out to YogurtLand and while I was drowning my yogurt with yogurt chips my husband looks at me and says, yogurt on yogurt? Haha
So it had me thinking about all the possibilities yogurt really has, I have a really big sweet tooth and although nothing can replace my deep rooted love for chocolate, yogurt chips are a healthier alternative.
My list could go on and on but here are some ways you can incorporate yogurt instead of chocolate: Ice cream topping, Trail mix, Yogurt covered fruit.
Things You Need:
1. Your Choice In Yogurt
(I picked Greek Yogurt: Honey&Vanilla) It's my Favorite
Vanilla or Strawberry would be really yummy also

2.Ziploc Bag
(If you have an actual frosting bag you can use it)
3. A tray
(I would recommend a nonstick pan)
4. Freezer
5. A pair of scissors

1.Add your choice of Yogurt in the Ziploc Bag (Do not Fill all the way)
2. Cut a small hole to Ziploc bag, on the tip where you will squeeze the yogurt out.
3. Proceed to squeeze the yogurt onto your tray (your choice of size)


4. Place tray in freezer, leave over night.
5. Remove chips and enjoy!



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