Trip To Washignton D.C

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Chase and I traveled to Washington D.C at the start of the month to visit my brother in law and his wife, they will be moving to Africa by the end of July for his job. So seeing as we probably won't make it to Africa we wanted to go visit them before they left and I had never been to D.C so that was a plus. A little Fun Fact Chase and his brother share the same birthday not because they're twins, they are just exactly three years apart, so it was neat to have them spend their birthdays together.
We had a great time spending time with them and my Father-in-law, my favorite part of the trip was visiting Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's estate. I also enjoyed the Library of Congress which was detailed beautifully and Georgetown was so fun, I can walk up and down those streets any day.
I loved being back in the East coast even just for a little bit, the humidity made me feel at home haha
Here are some photos of our trip!
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My sister-in-law Louie



I went to Dean & DeLuca!! Ever since I watched the show Felicity I wanted to go.


They had a great time chatting with George Washington's grandson.

Mount Vernon was awesome! It was this boys birthday!!

That's Maryland in the back round.

Mount Vernon made their own Alcohol and still do.

The Brown Men

It was my first time riding the subway

The Birthday Boys


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