Christmas In Miami

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What a happy coincidence that I fell in love in Utah with a man that is from south Florida..... It was really nice that we didn't have to decide where to travel for the holidays. It was honestly the best Christmas I've ever had, both of our families were home for Christmas including chases littler sister who had just gotten back from her mission with the LDS church.

I had a bucket list of things I wanted to do when we went back home, among them was to attend the Ft. Lauderdale Temple in which chase and I were sealed in. It was such a beautiful day to go with our families. We had the chance to go to Orlando to visit Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, we had so much fun. My husband LOVES the Harry Potter books so we geeked out pretty hard. I defiantly recommend going if you have the chance.

So anyways I can go on and on but here are some pictures of our wonderful trip

 Thanks for stopping by, JB




          Sunny Isles Beach.
Christmas Party at my parents home ward, This is the same Santa I had growing up, best Santa out there!

       My mommy at the Temple

      The Browns beautiful tree.


    This house is so awesome, they light up their home every year, pretty much every inch. They show a different Christmas movie every night and this year they even gave popcorn. How festive huh?

            This is South Point Beach, probably my favorite beach.

My sisters-in-law


Happy 6 months of Marriage to us!!!

                 A few blocks from my house there is a street called Enchanted Street and every year the long road is decorated with lights.

                      My amazing niece Raimy, love her so much. She is perfect in every way                         

      In my house or every Hispanic home, you celebrate Christmas eve with a late dinner. This year was the first time we opened gifts at midnight (it was strange) but nice with all my family together.

       We spent Christmas Day with my In Laws, it was great. My mother-in-law made those stockings! It was so fun opening gifts with everyone.

            Loved this table set up.

                                     Taylor my sister in law. She is so sweet!

      On our way to Orlando, I was so proud of Chase he drove all the way there and all the way back. What a champ total of 6 hours driving!



                Chase's favorite part of the Harry Potter parts was the train.



              Nothing says Christmas to me like Palm trees decorated in lights!! My Favorite.

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