DIY: Detox Water

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            Lately I've been checking out a lot of detox juices and it sounds so great for my body to detox especially now after the holidays but what doesn't sound so great is the price. It can run almost $200 for a three day detox, so I found an at home alternative that won't hurt my bank account and actually works!

What You Need:

1. One Lemon

2. One Large Cucumber

3. 11-12 Mint Leaves

4. A pitcher of water


Cut the Lemon and Cucumber into slices and then add all the ingredients into the pitcher before adding the water.

 Let it sit over night in the refrigerator of course and then in the morning you are ready to start.. I drink the whole pitcher in a day with each of my meals and start over again once I'm done. I can feel the difference and it taste yummy!
Is there any detox that you do that makes you feel great? I would love to know
Enjoy the easy detox and let me know how it works for you!
Thanks for stopping by,
JB xx
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