Currently Craving: Tom Boy Dreams...

by - 12:55 PM

1. Moto 'Jamie' Dark Wash Ripped Slim Jeans (Black) (Short & Regular) 2.  '420' Sneaker (Women) 3. 'Julian' Backpack

4. Endless shirt 5.  Cotton Red Sox Cap

6. The Lytton Loafer  7. Image 1 of ASOS WHITE Fine Cotton T-Shirt 8. Women's Nike® vintage collection pre-Montreal racer sneakers 9. Image 1 of Vila Tomboy Sweater
10. Image 1 of ASOS Premium Checked Jacket

Sneakers & Baseball Caps are the only thing I'm craving these days. So laidback & Comfortable, these are just some items that will fit perfect to that Tom Boy chic look. Below you can check where to find these pieces

                                        | 5. | | 10.|

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