The World According To Denim

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        If you have been neglecting the denim movement since the 60s here is a summary report. You could  very easily cover any area of your wardrobe using denim, don't take it over board and show up to the MTV Music Award in a sea of stitched blue (that's for you Britney and Justin) pretty much you have your basic jeans that can come in any color as well as any fit from boyfriend to skinny, you have the ever so summer popular jean jacket and you have my personal favorite your-goes-with-everything denim shirt. You have hats and purses which I don't recommend ever buying and certainly never making even if it is so "crafty". You have your Bermuda shorts and daisy dukes and every length in between.

        But today let's focus on what's hot right now and right now what's hot is a denim skirt. Yup just like one Kelly Kapowski used to wear on 'saved by the bell'. Not your Abercrombie and Fitch summer mini skirt but a sexy tight knee length denim skirt is just what you need in your closet for several reasons. One of them being it goes with everything!!! I can't ever say this enough denim is a neutral, use and abuse my friends! My favorite thing about the denim skirt are ways you could wear it, pair it was some sandals and tee for an easy look or dress it up with some pumps and blouse for a morning at church. Personally a white button down with a pop of color for the heel could never be wrong.Endless possibilities and for every age might I add. It will never go out of style, its timeless and effortless and you'll always turn to it.

        Every jean shop would carry  a skirt but now they're having a moment so you could find them anywhere. If you don't want to drop so much money you could always trust on your handy local thrift store to have some on occasion. I attached some stores with some looks I love, remember to rock that denim skirt this fall with some cute booties and you're set.

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  'The Stiletto' Denim Pencil Skirt Slit Denim Skirt Image 1 of Maison Scotch Denim Skirt with Rips

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