10 Fall Must Haves

by - 9:55 AM

Isn't  Autumn just the greatest, its no wonder why its a favorite among many. The weather is just perfect, its never hot as a summer day and its never snowing like a winters night. The trees change colors, they serve pumpkin everything anywhere you go. I love this time a year, especially because my wardrobe gets a much cozier look. I complied a list of my Fall must haves that you need to always have in your closet. Click on the links for some inspiration.

1. Turtle Neck Sweaters- Gosh I love thick turtle neck sweaters, especially if you have a long neck they look so beautiful on and if you can't pull it off (or think you can't) try thick fishermen sweaters. Its a perfect fall necessity .

2. Dark Nail Polish - If you're not into black try some dark red tones, Grey shades, Brown or even dark purple. If its not your thing I highly recommend some dark lips.

3. HATS! - No surprise that I have this on the list, wearing a hat weather its a fedora, beanie or  a floppy hat can really take your look to the next level because its such a great asset for any outfit.  

4. Booties - oh boy do I love me some booties, they're heels and boots. Enough said!

5. Leather- so get a leather jacket or leather skirt how about pants. Leather or faux leather as I like to wear is so perfect to give your style a chic look.

6. Utility Jacket/ Puffer Vest- Utility jackets or vest or so great usually you can find them in army green which is a great color for fall. They're just easy to wear, you could put it over anything same with puffer vest or even a jean vest.

7. Layering- Don't want to wear a sweater? Try to layer, it looks so great during fall. You can take a tissue thin turtle neck throw on a button down and finish it off with a puffer vest and you are good to go. Play around with it.

8. Stocking/Tights- Want to dress up that dress, get some tights, want to wear some shorts, get some tights, its such a simple way to take your look over to Fall.

9. Plaid- Only time of the year its reasonable to wear and not look like you work up in the mountains.  

10. Fall Colors- every season has its colors, Spring its pastel tones. Summer has electric bring and fun colors, Winter jewel tones now Fall owns dark colors- Hunter green, maroon, grey, black, orange and brown tones. Its so much fun to play around with some dark shades. I also encourage you to wear more white, its an all year around color and who doesn't look good in white?

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