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I absolutely loved our Honeymoon, we went on a seven day cruise with Princess cruise ships through the Caribbean our first stop was Princess Cays in the Bahamas. It seems the Cruise ship line owns the Island so you can imagine there isn't much to the island except beautiful clear water.

                          Our next stop was the Island of St. Thomas, which was my personal favorite and hopefully with the pictures you'll see why. Tourist are the main source of income for the island, so as soon as we got down from the ship there were lines of natives waiting to take everyone who was willing on a full day tour of the island my husband and I joined a man named Moses on his tour, there were people from Asia, Italy, Chicago which was neat to see such a melting pot. St. Thomas holds one of the most beautiful beaches in the world 'Magens Bay'. We went to another beach called Emeralds bay and that was amazing so I could just image how wonderful Magens Bay would be. Fun Fact about the Island, they drive on the Left hand side of the rode with the steering wheel on the left hand side as well.

Our next stop was Puerto Rico! We were so excited for this island in particular. It was great that in San Juan they have a free Trolley system which came in handy, it took you to all the sites you wanted to see even bringing you back to old San Juan where the ships were. We went to the Morro and even walked a LONG way for a beach (I wanted to go to a beach in every island) and we took the best nap in the world on the beach in Puerto Rico. It was fun to walk around town and see the culture of this proud country.




Our last stop was Grand Turks- there is not much to this small island but the water was beautiful and lots of fun activities and water sports.

I had such a memorable time on our honeymoon, its was so relaxing after such a long time of planning a wedding. I wish I could have gotten some advice before our trip so here is my two cents for your honeymoon
1. Make a checklist of your packing needs (I forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste)
And trust me you won't want to forget anything considering how expensive everything is.
2. I wish I would have researched the islands were going to- although the cruise does provide you with valid information about each island I would have wanted to know more before the trip.
Thanks for reading!

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